Customer Authentication

Permit sales are open!

Please read your KU email for instructions on registering and picking up your permit, as the process has changed.

Please read these statements before registering:

  • Graduate students who are taking night classes only and will not be on campus prior to 4:30pm Monday through Friday, you do not need to purchase a parking decal. Simply park in white-lined spaces when you arrive on campus after 4:30pm. No refunds will be authorized for failure to read and understand this fact.

  • If you register in July or August, you will have the option to print a temporary parking pass to display on your dashboard. If this pass is set to expire before you return to campus, you may still wait until your return to secure your permanent decal.

  • KU students should NOT use the portion of their email address when attempting to login. Only the information before the @ symbol should be used. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A GUEST ACCOUNT.

  • If you have just finalized anything with KU (Transcripts, payments, course selection, etc), you will not be able to access this portal for two business days.

  • You will receive an email when your decal is available for pickup during regular business hours in 107 Stratton Administration. Please follow the instructions in your KU email to upload the required documents.

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